Certified Proficient Project Manager (PPM)

Course & Exam | taught by Ammar Mango
Ammar Mango
Ammar Mango

The Certified Proficient Project Manager certification can give you the certification you need to advance your career without the inconvenient lengthy application process or the fear of not passing that usually accompanies certification exams.  

You can register for the certification, take the online course, and take the exam all online.  If you do not pass the exam you can retake it until you pass without any limits on number of repeats and without any additional fees.  

This certification is the results of working with project management certification candidates over twenty five years and understanding their true needs and challenges with certification.  Many excellent project managers end up not passing certification exams even though they are qualified but the trickiness of the exams and the pressure of the exam environment leads them to make hasty mistakes.

The PPM Certification starts now as you register for the course, try it, complete it, and take the exam and pass.  Upon successfully passing the exam you will get a certificate showing your crednetials, by Simulation Powered Learning, USA, and accredited by CPD UK.  

The training is based on the PMBOK standard and takes you through the same material that you would expect for PMP Exam Preparation.  So this same material is also valid for preparing for the PMP if you choose to pursue that certification.

But the PPM certification you can take here and now right after you go through the training and pass the exam.

Throughout the training if you have any questions please let me know.

Remember if for any reason you do not pass the certification exam, you get a full refund of the course fees.  

I wish you well.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Proficient Project Manager (PPM) Certification
PPM Certification Exam